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Young Adults (21-29)

Many young adults, post-college up to 30, have a very similar experience of: "why did nobody tell me it was going to be like this?". 

The feeling of being out in the world without a roadmap is a shock to the system - certainly an unexpected one for most.

 It is true that post-grad and 20s life is not talked about enough. There are so many shared experiences of feeling excited one minute and a drift the next: 

  • Wondering how to make friends in the wild

  • What a first job is really like

  • Should I move in with a partner?

  • Should I buy a house?

  • Contemplating marriage or family

  • Sorting out when to move forward and when to just stay put 

 There is a realization that being an adult is hard at times and that it does not look like what was imagined.

 If you have any of these feelings, you are not alone.


Together we can navigate not only what you are going through, understanding where you are in the journey, what issues you are facing and creating skills and tools for life long use.


Therapy for those in early to late 20s
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