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Attorneys & Working Professionals

Working as an attorney or other professionals (such as physicians, public safety personnel, executives)  requires working under pressure, dealing with everyone else's needs efficiently and with precision.  At every turn, it can feel like something major is counting on you to deliver.  When you are the one people rely upon to take care of things, it can be hard to admit that you need support yourself. Anxiety, depression, burn out, stress, relationship issues, feeling like you are not being the parent or partner you want to be, and even anger can emerge.  Trying to balance work, personal life, parenting (if applicable) and space for yourself can be overwhelming. 


Just as you support those around you, it is important that you receive support yourself. Having worked in law firms, including Big Law, and in the corporate setting as an executive for a combined almost two decades, I understand the pressures, expectations and impacts these types of careers can have on your mental health.  Working together, we will uncover what is not working in your life now and build skills for a healthier lifestyle while understanding the complexity of the working environment in which you find yourself. 

Therapy for attorneys and professionals
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